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Community Strategy

NEWTOWN AFC and the Community

The Board of NEWTOWN AFC recognises the pivotal role that we can play in relation to the local community. Similarly, the Football Association of Wales encourages clubs to engage in a variety of activity aimed at strengthening the relationship between the club and the local community.

Research suggests that clubs are continually involved in community activity although they often fail to advertise or promote this. Consequently, NEWTOWN AFC appreciates the advantages for our club to promote this activity and have subsequently, formalised a Club Strategy. This has been demonstrated in the business sector where community activity and its promotion are designed to meet both financial objectives and social objectives. Creating a strategy with measurable goals as well as a means to promote this activity will benefit not only the club but also the community as a whole.

NEWTOWN AFC Community Strategy

    The Club recognises that to encourage people to support Newtown AFC it needs to integrate with its community to the fullest extent. By providing for the young people it hopes to increase its support on match days, encourage junior and adult membership of the club and increase its volunteer workforce from stadium workers to stewards to directors and thereby ensure the Club’s future.

    The Club wishes to replace its Latham Park natural grass pitch with an artificial 3G pitch to further its aims to attract more people to the Club to use its facilities and increase the opportunity for people to feel part of the Club. A process of grant applications and funding from partners in the sport will be necessary to obtain the required funding and the support of the community as a whole will be needed to make this a reality. This is a key part of the Club’s community strategy and will form a significant part of its plans to progress its aims.

    To establish links with local youth clubs and assist these clubs with coaching and also providing the use of facilities and equipment for football festivals etc. A partnership exists between the Club and the local College for the provision of football at our ground, use of changing rooms and links between the two organisations to our mutual benefit.

    To set up clubs with local youths, but not necessarily football clubs, to promote and develop the role of the club in the community and to set appropriate examples of behaviour. A special relationship has been formed with the local Football Development Officer who we are working with in conjunction with our College partnership so that all football in the community is conducted in association with Newtown Football Club. We also undertake to provide the use of our meeting rooms free of charge for all junior league meetings arranged by the Football Development Officer.

    Newtown AFC has appointed a “Football in the Community Officer” to drive forward the links with local primary and secondary schools and to lead the clubs’ policies of attracting young children to the club via its “Mini Dribblers” and “Little Kickers” training sessions. To ensure the children taking part in these sessions have every opportunity to either form teams or join teams in the Newtown Whitestars Junior section.

    In association with the Newtown Whitestars Junior section, to assist with “turn up and play” sessions for children under 8 yrs who have no teams to play with to develop their skills with the aim to find teams for them to play organised football.

    Newtown AFC staff will organise and run soccer training camps at every school holiday and half-term period with at least two camps per week, all of which will be run in conjunction with the FAW Grassroots policy and the FAW / Vauxhall Fun Football programme.

    The Club aims to form close links with the young players of Newtown through its junior section – Newtown Whitestars – and assist their affiliation to the club by involving them in match day events.

    The Club has formed a partnership with the local Junior Football League – North and Mid Powys League – with a view to attracting the best players to join the Development Centre for children aged between 8 and 11yrs which feeds into the Academy structure at Under 12s.

    The Club will run a Youth team at Under 19 level and will aim to attract players from all over Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire to try to develop players to the highest standards and compete in the Welsh Premier League Under 19s League.

    To continue to set up links with the disabled and disadvantaged youth and adult groups in the community and to use the facilities and the equipment of the club and also its personnel to help build teams for these groups.

    To continue to develop the Ladies and Girls game, increasing participation through “turn up and play” sessions which feed into new teams competing in the local Girls League and thereafter into the Ladies adult side.

    To assist our Ladies section with match provision on the main Latham Park pitch to help them continue to develop and produce a side in the Welsh Ladies Premier League

    To utilise the playing and coaching personnel to address various social and equity issues including drug awareness issues and healthy lifestyle, etc with our Development Squad and Academy players.

    To utilise the facilities of the club in conjunction with multi-media training for anybody who wishes to learn.

    To undertake any services within the local community to the benefit of the community and ultimately the club, particularly through the free provision of our volunteer Stewards for community events in the Town, namely the stewarding of the Annual Carnival, Christmas Lights procession, Santa Run and other such parades. We will also make our stadium available, free of charge, for community events, such as the annual firework display by the Round Table Charity.

    To be aware of the clubs Anti-Discrimination Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy at all times when dealing with the Community.

Communication of the Strategy

NEWTOWN AFC aims to communicate its Community Strategy and also its progress reports via the following means: -

    Club Website

    Match Programmes

    Club Forums

    Local Press reports

    Staff and Player Visits to Local Youth Clubs and Schools

    Letters & leaflets to Local College, Clubs and Schools

This strategy was written for the Season 2014/2015 and will be reviewed and renewed where appropriate at the start of every season.

NEWTOWN AFC would welcome any suggestions or questions regarding this strategy. Should you wish to do so, please contact,

Mr Owen Durbridge,

Club Secretary,

Newtown Football Club,

21, Cae Cymric,

Newtown, SY16 2JJ

strategy reviewed september 2014