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Newtown White Stars

The name 'White Stars' is historic, dating back to the 1870's - a report in the Montgomeryshire Express in July 1879 talks of how the team won the North Wales Challenge Cup.

Keith Harding

Keith Harding

The team was set up by an Edward Gittins - a blacksmith from Coedyffridd and the name seems to derive from the fact that the team was made up of mostly working class men who simply couldn't afford a football strip. They needed to differentiate themselves from Newtown FC so got their mums to sew material in the shape of a white star on their different colour jerseys and the Newtown White Stars were born!! It appears that they didn't have a home ground... reports from the time state they played most of their matches away but their HQ was unsurprisingly a pub - the Greyhound Inn on the site of the Iceland store.

When several parents approached Keith Harding about setting up a team, he was writing the history of soccer in the area and decided to revive this traditional name. We intend to honour his memory and that of the original White Stars by ensuring successful teams at different age levels... although hopefully we won't have to resort to sewing material stars on our shirts!

Newtown Whitestars became the junior section of Newtown Football Club in Sept 2005.
Come on the White Stars!

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