Newtown AFC want to be recognised as an important part of our community, clearly communicating our role and the wider social benefits of joint activities.


Provide the community with a centre for sport, education and development to promote physical and mental health benefits and general wellbeing

Deliver facilities and provisions for a wide variety of community-based, corporate and private functions

Offer voluntary opportunities that provide new skills and work experience while making a distinctive contribution to a community-based club

Engage with the community to help deliver the services it needs, while supporting local events and fund-raising efforts

Provide an environment where people of all ages are more socially connected with activities helping their development of social skills.


The club is passionate about involving anyone in football and sporting activites, and that was shown through the We Wear The Same Shirt projects and tournament in 2017.

It involves teams with players who suffer with mental health problems, and organiser Sam Morris formed a Robins team.

The side has played around the country, and played in a Latham Park tournament last year alongside a host of other sides from around Wales.


Once a week the club holds a session of walking football to keep older people active in the community.

For a small fee you can come along to keep active, enjoyed a relaxed game of football and engage with other players.