DateMatchTime/ResultsCompetitionSeasonGroundArticleMatch Day
WELSH CUP - Newtown AFC 1-2 Aberystwyth TownCymru Premier2017/18
Barry Town United 1-1 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2017/18
Newtown AFC 3-0 Prestatyn TownCymru Premier2017/18-
Aberystwyth Town vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2017/18-
Newtown AFC 6-0 Llanfair UnitedPre-season2018/19-
Newtown AFC vs Denbigh TownPre-season2018/19-
Newtown AFC vs Shrewsbury TownPre-season2018/19-
FC Oswestry Town 0-3 Newtown AFCPre-season2018/19-
Halesowen Town 2-1 Newtown AFCPre-season2018/19-
Newtown AFC 1-0 Hednesford TownPre-season2018/19-
Cardiff MU 2-1 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/191
Newtown AFC 2-0 Caernarfon TownCymru Premier2018/192
Llandudno 0-0 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/193
Newtown AFC 2-0 Bala TownCymru Premier2018/194
Carmarthen Town 3-0 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/195
Connah Quay Nomads 3-1 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/196
Newtown AFC 2-1 Cardiff MUCymru Premier2018/197
Newtown 1-0 PenybontNathaniel MG Cars Cup2018/19-
Llanelli 1-3 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/198
Newtown AFC 2-0 Barry Town UnitedCymru Premier2018/199
Bala Town 3-2 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1910
Caernarfon Town 0-3 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1911
The Robins draw against 10-men TNSCymru Premier2018/1912
Cambrian and Clydach vs NewtownNathaniel MG Cars Cup2018/19-
Cefn Druids vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1913
Newtown AFC vs LlanelliCymru Premier2018/1914
Newtown AFC vs Connah Quay NomadsCymru Premier2018/1915
Barry Town United 4-1 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1916
Newtown AFC vs LlandudnoCymru Premier2018/1917
Newtown AFC 1-1 Carmarthen TownCymru Premier2018/1918
Aberystwyth Town 0-2 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1919
Newtown AFC 2-1 Aberystwyth TownCymru Premier2018/1920
The New Saints 4-0 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/19
Newtown AFC vs Cefn DruidsCymru Premier2018/1922
Newtown AFC vs Airbus Broughton UKCymru Premier2019/2022
Newtown 1-2 Connahs Quay NomadsCymru Premier2018/1923
TNS 5-0 NewtownCymru Premier2018/1924
Newtown 3-2 Caernarfon TownCymru Premier2018/1925
Bala Town 2-2 NewtownCymru Premier2018/1926
Newtown 3-0 Barry Town UnitedCymru Premier2018/1927
Connahs Quay Nomads 2-0 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2018/1928
Newtown 0-6 TNSCymru Premier2018/1929
Newtown 2-3 Bala TownCymru Premier2018/1931
Bala Progress in Europa League Play-off: NFC 1-2 Bala TownCymru Premier2018/19-
Newtown vs Llanidloes TownPre-season5/07/19 @ 19:45pm
Newtown AFC vs Shrewsbury TownPre-season-
Newtown 1-1 Gresford AthleticPre-season-
Newtown AFC vs AFC LiverpoolPre-season-
Stafford Rangers vs Newtown AFCPre-season-
Newtown AFC vs Sutton ColdfieldPre-season-
Newtown vs Cefn DruidsCymru Premier2019/201
Carmarthen Town Vs NewtownCymru Premier2019/202
Newtown Vs PenybontCymru Premier2019/203
Cardiff Met. Vs NewtownCymru Premier2019/204
TNS Vs NewtownCymru Premier2019/205
Newtown Vs Bala TownCymru Premier2019/206
Newtown Vs Connahs Quay NomadsCymru Premier2019/207
Caernarfon Town vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/208
Newtown Vs Barry Town UnitedCymru Premier2019/209
Cefn Druids vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2010
Airbus Broughton UK vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2011
Newtown AFC vs Cardiff MUCymru Premier2019/2012
Bala Town vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2013
Newtown AFC vs Caernarfon TownCymru Premier2019/2014
Connah Quay Nomads vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2015
Barry Town United vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2016
Newtown AFC vs Barry Town (Welsh Cup)JD WelsH Cup2019/2006/12/2019
Newtown AFC vs Carmarthen TownCymru Premier2019/2017
Penybont vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/20
Newtown AFC vs Aberystwyth TownCymru Premier2019/2019
Aberystwyth Town vs Newtown AFCCymru Premier2019/2020
Newtown AFC vs The New SaintsCymru Premier2019/2021
Newtown v RhylJD WelsH Cup2019/20-
TNS v NewtownCymru Premier2019/20-
Newtown v Bala TownCymru Premier2019/20-
TNS v Newtown 1/4 final welsh cupJD WelsH Cup2019/20-
Caernarfon v NewtownCymru Premier2019/20-
Flint Town United FC 1 - 0 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2020/211
Newtown AFC 2 - 3 Caernarfon TownCymru Premier2020/212
Haverfordwest County 2 - 2 Newtown AFCCymru Premier2020/21
Newtown AFC 1 - 1 Aberystwyth Town FCCymru Premier2020/214
Newtown AFC 4 - 1 Cefn DruidsCymru Premier2020/215